Making a website for an online store

Choose a cheap or free website domain for our online store website. A free domain website is one such as WordPress. One of the most important things in creating a website for an online store is having to pay attention to the domain. Choose a free hosting website because it can save your expenses. Especially if your online store business is just starting to be pioneered. If you have developed and advanced, you can use your own paid domain. Apart from that, you may also try the $1 hosting service for your new, small business.

Choose an attractive website name

Website naming can also help in developing your online store. Give the name of the website that is interesting but simple and easy to remember. Sometimes quirky names actually make your website a lot of visitors and easy to remember by visitors. Another option besides that is to give the name of the website according to your business or products that are selling. Website names can be one of the evaluations in terms of promotion.

Choose a bright color design

Website color design can be one of the things that must be considered in making an online store website. The color design must be considered as one of the attractions for visitors to not get bored in exploring your website. Choose bright colors with matching or dark color combinations. The thing to note is that you don’t choose a color design that makes the eyes hurt like a combination of various bright colors. This will confuse visitors, you should choose a simple design color with elegant elements such as white base color with additional colors in the menu bar. If you don’t want difficulties in designing a website then use the website template available on the internet.

Choose the appropriate font type

Many great website designs are very concerned about choosing font types. Use a type of font that is easy to read and certainly elegant. Don’t use commonly used fonts such as Times New Roman, Calibri, Gill Sant etc. This will bore visitors because as if visitors were reading articles and so on. Choose the type of font that matches your website design. The availability of many types of fonts makes you free to choose the appropriate font type.